Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Commission:  Painting Spock The Dog for Amanda Ray

About a month ago, Amanda Ray emailed me and asked if I could paint a portrait of her newly
adopted pet Spock.  Of course, when I saw a picture of him, there was no question....yes!

Since Amanda lives in Durham, NC, and I live in Brooklyn, NY we
had to figure out the best way for me to create an accurate portrait, 
how to frame it, and then ship it to her safely.  In coming up with the design,
Amanda decided that her pup should be wearing a clown hat and clown collar
(which I wholeheartedly agree!) and, after a few sketches, 
I had the idea drawn up and was ready to go!

The Original Drawing

Since I am such a chalk-aholic, I really only had two surface options in which
                   to create the painting - chalk on paper, or chalk on wood.  Drawing on
wood gives such a rustic feel that we both decided I should go that route.

So, I went to sawing!
(yes, I need an electric saw)


serious sawing

I used charcoal to sketch, then chalk for the final layers.
Check out the step by step process!

charcoal on wood
Adding color
Adding fur texture

Adding spots!

The Finished Product!

Thanks for having me paint your pup Amanda!  
I think he likes it :)