Thursday, October 14, 2010


Marc and Caryn's Road Trip
Part One

On Wednesday, August 25th, Marc and I set out on a journey.
The Destination: The South.
The plan: to get out of the big city for a minute and embark on new adventures via America's finest southern highways.

<- - - - -Marc got his driver's license a week before the trip

We got up early Wednesday morning, hopped on an airplane,

and found ourselves in Nashville by Wednesday night!
The flight was SO turbulent that I made some art out of some barf bags to cope:

Hello Nashville!

Marc, wifebeater model on Fatherland St.

Bongo Java
Bongo Java

Soon we found ourselves in East Nashville and had some high class

with some high class peeps!

It's a good thing I gave molly that barf bag!

(kids, don't try this at home)

The next day we got the trusty car up and running and registered.....and by late afternoon we were off to Mas Tacos for some taco deliciousness!

Mas Tacos was our rendezvous point for THE DEMOLITION DERBY at the
Cheatam County Fair!!

DIY Slushies

(I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it. I love this ticket woman)

the calm before the storm!

car corpse


trucker hats

corn dog

The Demolition Derby and the Derby posse fulfilled all our redneck dreams!
Right down to the fried oreos, fried twinkies, and fried butter (what?)

We said our goodbyes, hopped in the jetta,

and started out on our journey to New Orleans!

the onset of redneck ism

They sell a lot of weird frozen foods in the South's Finest Meats.
That's right, we walked into the South's Finest Meats, opened up their
freezers, and started taking pictures:

sausages rolled up in pancakes (frozen)

frozen patties

frozen Krusteaz
what's a Krusteaz? It doesn't matter, it's frozen matter that gets thrown
into a skillet and gets eaten without any questions

We found a rocket ship in Alabama

And Pride!

Mississippi, you're weird.

they make creatures out of tires in Mississippi and sell them for 25 dollars

And finally....

We set foot in New Orleans about 8 hours later


Ladies and Gentlemen, let the games begin!
We found ourselves in the most amazing apartment located right off of the French Quarter - on a beautiful street called St. Phillip.

Beautiful architecture and not too far from Bourbon Street!!

some sights in the neighborhood


check out these meals. So fine!
Gumbo and a crawfish poboy sandwich

after a little beverage I got inspired to make some bathroom art

we went to BOURBON STREET!

BIG AL is a large man that sings some mean blues

cool saxophone guy and an impressive bra collection!

Viking Pride

Local Pride

Baskets of gator heads just
in case you need to buy in bulk

a piano bar!

What New Orleans thinks of BP

Marc purchasing his first beer to go!

The next day, we went on a mission for pho. PHO-ISSION

Decorated in umbrellas, we set foot to catch the ferry to Gretna (pho location)
and Algiers Point (location of cool old shippy bar)

what up barge? what up umbrella?

what up, bird?

We rode the ferry next to a sleeping sailor, then set foot onto many rainy puddles in Gretna, trying to find pho paradise.
Here's what we saw on our adventures along the way:

We stumbled upon
a haunting cemetery that was soooo cool. You could see voodoo shrines on some of them.

Trudging through the cemetery with the hungry monster is not
ideal, so we quickened our pace to find the pho. Then a crazy pet store owner led us the wrong way, and then, a sheriff led us the wrong way!

after trudging through more rain and puddle hopping,

soggy feet

the Pho!

the pho fever!

clean plate club winner

The Old Point Bar, Algiers

we schmoozed with the locals

cool murals on our walk back to the ferry

we found a brass band playing on the street!
they were great musicians....and even sang a song about fleas!

While we were walking down Frenchmen St, Mr./Mrs. Spiderweb face drew me in. I had to have a picture! He/she is an artist that paints on 100-year old stone tablets.
I don't understand the fire, but we loved his crazy talkin self!

uh oh, somebody had a grenade.

we got our dance on at Maison!

Yuki, a Japanese bar with a cool dj on frenchmen street!

The Spotted Cat

an old fireman dancing

Marc ran into his friend!
the Toddster!!!!
(how crazy!!)