Friday, November 8, 2013

Coffee Illustration Commission!

I am a coffee addict.  Regular 'ol coffee with milk, no sugar.  When I visit a coffee shop, I often do not know what to order - not that I don't like cappuccino, but because I get stuck in my old usual routine.  Sometimes it's good to see your options!
  ...... and this is where my new project steps in!

I just had the great honor of getting to create coffee illustrations for my friend & colleague Burr, who owns Brooklyn Fireproof, an awesome cafe and late night bar in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn (by the way, they serve an awesome $5 brunch there, host art exhibitions in their gallery space, and have cool music happening all the time). I used to bartend at this bar, as well as pretend to make cappuccinos on occasion in the morning when they first opened. Nowadays, BFP is quite the official coffee bar with so many types of great coffee drinks that they need illustrations to show their customers! Lucky for me, I get to draw them!

Have you ever heard of a Gibraltar?
me neither!
But now that I do know, this one may be my favorite

Using pencil, pen & ink, and watercolor, I created 8 coffee illustrations:

They all had to be framed, so when I went home to Florida, Mama Cast gave me all kinds of vintage frames.  Thanks Mom!

The final product:

Viva la caffeine!