Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Themes!

I've been hard at work!

Gretta The Great
I am working on 3 new series' of paintings

Since it can be hard to concentrate on just one theme at a time,  I decided to have multiple themes going on at once.

Series #1:  The Salon Gals


Florence Flamingo
Whenever I create a piece I like to have one element a little off or askew.  
Usually what's askew lies somewhere in the background these days.  
However, not with the salon gals!  Their over-volumized hair does the trick.

 The Cemetery


This is the first of the series... Future works have potential to involve crows, dead bodies, dead flowers, voodoo shrines, and much, much more! Recently I was in New Orleans and had the opportunity to visit the Voodoo Museum and a haunting cemetery.  There were shrines everywhere.  This series represents the idea of putting things to rest; whether it be someone, or a mistake, or a bad habit.  It's a celebration of new life and freedom.

The Sea

When I was a wee chap I spent my days growing up in Fort Walton Beach, FL.  


 There I got steady dose of sunshine, the harbor, storms, ships, anchors....   

Sometimes I cannot believe I do not live near the Destin harbor anymore.  I think about the influence of the sea and the calmness of the waves all the time.....so much, in fact, that they keep beginning to slowly filter in to my paintings.  

       Gone Fishin'                                                                                   

In addition to the sea theme, this painting is also based on a dream. One fine afternoon my friend Ben told me about his dream: he dreamt he had a fish hook inside his mouth. It was a rusty fish hook. In real life, Ben had just written his first novel and signed a book deal, making him a published author. There were a lot of investors interested in his book.
The fish hook resembles the feeling of not quite being in control of a situation, like a fish with a hook in its mouth waiting to be caught.   Gone Fishin' is about those situations in life where one lacks control; it is about facing the unknown. And also, it's about having courage.

Stay tuned for my next post about my new ways of getting some painting inspiration......(I started an adventure club)

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