Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Introducing a new illustration 
on good health and exercise!

"Sunday Drive"
pen/ink, watercolor

This is an illustration I created for a client who lives in Brooklyn
who firmly believes in getting good daily exercise. Walking, running,
and biking instead of driving is her thing.  Her anti-car theory does have
an upside:  replacing gas prices, traffic jams, flat tires, broken windshield wipers,
crime-related snafus, and oil changes with enticing leg muscles, reduced stress,
improved coordination, and a nicely toned derrier.
Not a bad trade-off!

Come to think of it, maybe some of the inspiration for this illustration
 has something to do with my back windshield being smashed in
mysteriously in my neighborhood

and this incident being discovered minutes before Marc
and I had to drive to New Jersey

Yes, that's right!  We drove to New Jersey in the middle of a 
winter evening with no back windshield.
(thank god for heated seats)

Back to drawing!
Happy Tuesday!

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