Friday, April 25, 2014

I just finished creating a massive sign for Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages!

The sign was created to make a nice display of Brooklyn Fire Proof Stages's logo in their cool blue handcrafted font inside the lobby of their movie production studio.  They have a lot of really cool projects come through there - from feature films to television shows to music videos! Hopefully this logo sign will end up in some photos, blogs, and publications!

Before I start any project I gather all my materials, do lots of research, and do mockups in Photoshop. Here is a closeup of the logo font that I was to create (about 40 times bigger!):

Mockups I created to see how the sign would look against a natural wood vs a dark stain wood:

The dark brown really works with the fairy tail blue color.
Dark brown wins!

I did some careful measuring and letter cutting to give myself a guide to fit on the sign - creating perfect spacing between each letter is not as easy as it looks! (above picture is not perfect spacing, more of an in-progress shot).  I am so nit- picky that I probably went back and forth and paced the room about 20 times to make sure I had everything spaced correctly.

Check out this view!  I used to have a studio space at Brooklyn Fire Proof and I loved it.  These spaces are awesome, and it was pretty sweet to be able to work in this one!  More info on renting a workspace right here

This is the point where I began my transformation into a smurf

And at last, the sign is complete!

 Here it is, hanging in the lobby of BFP stages!

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