Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The next day in New Orleans....

We got kinda used to this "drinks on the go" thing. Makes for quite a pleasant commute!

Mother's Restaurant

What a gem!

long line of hungry people

crawfish etouffe

a pile of meat and grits

we stumbled upon a veteran swing dancing extravaganza near the WWII Museum

they've got moves!

Our Walk on Magazine Street

Dr.Green Thumb approves!

It was still raining, and my umbrella starting being very disagreeable

R.I.P. umbrella!

The most drastic park bench ever created


Marie Laveau

voodoo figurines


sacred altar

figures and shrines


Bacchanal is a wine store, deli, and restaurant all in one!
Has an amazing garden outside in the back with tiki torches.

This place is like no other!

bbq chicken pizza and cucumber dill garlic soup
Accompanied by a delicious malbec and French pinot noir
poured by a cool rocker girl with amazing tattoos

Our last stop of the night was one of the oldest bars in New Orleans,
La Fete

We said goodbye to New Orleans and set our coordinates for
Fort Walton Beach, FL
(my homeland)

(take note of red mountain dew)

This is where Marc's Mountain Dew Obsession began.
It started out with original mountain dew, then the "throwback mountain dew",
code red, code orange, I think maybe even a code blue
may have gotten thrown in there.
He was becoming a mountain dew addict!

hello again, weird Mississippi

a mad storm!

and strangeness!

Hello Mobile, Alabama


Marc and my pops!

we did cannonballs in the pool!

I made an old-fashioned southern breakfast in mama cast's kitchen

these are pancakes

Destination: Savannah, Georgia!

After a long drive we found a La Quinta Inn outside of Savannah at about 130am

this is what happens after a long day of driving and you find a Denny's and a bottle
of whiskey

Savannah, GA

We walked around downtown and saw some fun spectacles:

We saw a squirrel getting his eat on with a cheezit

look at this beautiful tree!

I almost broke it!

it's yoga time

crazed squirrel #2, probably looking for the cheezit

we walked along the harbor

picture taken by strange bum lady selling corn shuck necklaces
she told us she didn't like new york
we didn't like her necklaces.

shops along the harbor

One-Eyed Lizzys!

mmmm oysters

And more cemeteries!
this is DAR cemetery

On our way to Raleigh, NC

We took a happy accident going the wrong way over the bridge!

it was so lovely we couldn't complain!

Georgia peaches
ahhhh peaches!

someone got a little sun in Savannah
a wifebeater tan!

About 3 hours south of Raleigh we start seeing crazy billboard signs
for South Of The Border, a Mexican-style amusement park
that looks like it was built by someone taking hallucinogenic drugs

he's just so round!

ol crazy horse

Fort Pedro takes toilet time very seriously

At last, Raleigh, North Carolina!

Welcome to John's House

Keats, the coolest dog ever!

Perhaps the most technological beer funnel made by man:

uh oh!

we ended up at Raleigh Times

the infamous bottle of whiskey
double uh oh!

John in his cool ride
Where'd you get that jeep........the toilet store?

The next day was a little rough around the edges

except for these two, chummy fruitcakes at the diner

YUM! We are alive again!

questionable snackage in Raleigh

Marc got a new cell phone and I got to try Sasquatch beef jerky for the first time!

Thanks for having us John!

On the road again

Destination: Washington, D.C.

I was still hard times from the night before
Once I said it out loud it reminded Marc of one of his favorite
places to eat in D.C.:

that was our first stop in D.C.

chili made in ten different ways

This bar had an amazing dj and
serves pho dogs:

Tre and his new ride

gangstas in the street!
Uh oh, I see the po po!

thanks for having us Tre!

The Washington Monument

Honest Abe

the very spot where the famous MLK speech was given

Squirrel getting his eat on with Cheezit,
round three

The Goddess of Traffic

Daryl was in D.C. too

We drove through China town (D.C. style) and met up with Julie and Andrew!

my fellow partner in crime Nashvillian-moved-to-New York who happened to
be in D.C. with Andrew

Can you see us? We're at the bottom!
What a column!

this isn't real
(it's a model of the museum)

To Marc's delight we stopped in for pho
on our way out of town!

a conquered bowl of pho

Back on the road!

car ride essentials

Destination: New York City

Marc's toll bridge experience

a beautiful sunset on the way up north!

wait, are we in Australia?

a New Jersey redneck

The first sight of New York City!

once we got back into the city, we had one last adventure for our trip finale:


oops, thumb

Claude Vonstroke and the magical party sculpture

hula hoop champion

new best friends! hilarious

the dancing burrito guy

who needs a kiddie pool?

miss tutu


my new buddy

the zoo sistas!

Marc and Rob, partners in crime

Getting ready for the chemical brothers!

The Chemical Brothers were amazing!


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